The fact is, you are going to be totally spoiled with your new permanent eyeliner.
No more pulling on delicate eye tissue to apply or remove your eyeliner. Imagine
not having smeared or smudged eyeliner even when you perspire or cry.

The color is applied using an applicator specially designed for facial cosmetic
tattooing. This instrument gives the technician the highest degree of control for fine
detailed work. Permanent eyeliner is applied with sterile supplies and topical
anesthetics. Color is placed along the upper and lower eyelash margin (in between
the eyelashes) giving you a "fuller and darker lash" look, creating a soft subtle halo
around the eyes. The effect is similar to the buildup of mascara at the base of the

Expect the procedure to take approximately 2 hours of which the tattooing takes
less than one hour. Topical anesthetic is applied to desensitize the lids and make the
procedure more comfortable. Many clients comment that their permanent eyeliner
procedures are more comfortable than their brow or lip procedures.  Immediately,
after the procedure your eyelids will be puffy and slightly red around the tattooed
area.  The amount of swelling varies from client to client but usually everyone
leaves the clinic looking as if they've had a good cry.  Your permanent eyeliner will
appear thicker and darker initially.  As the area heals you'll notice some of the color
(scabs) flaking off which usually occurs during the first week.  This is normal and
to be expected and is the start of the process which will reveal your true permanent

Your technician is there to help you accentuate your natural eye beauty.  To that
end, it is important to understand some basics regarding proper makeup techniques
as they relate to specific eye size and shape.


Permanent Eyeliner is a specific type of permanent cosmetics procedure
otherwise known as "micropigmentation."  Permanent eyeliner is unmistakeably a
specialized form of tattooing where pigment is placed in the dermal layer of the skin
around the eyes.  If properly maintained, permanent eyeliner will provide several
years of trouble-free color before requiring a refresher touch-up.

There are essentially three (3) different types of permanent eyeliner application

Lash Enhancement

Dramatic Eyeliner


A lash enhancement is defined by large dots of pigment being
placed in between your existing eyelashes along your natural
eyelash line.  The result is very soft, subtle and natural which
makes this a very popular procedure.

Traditional eyeliner is very much the same as using an eyeliner pencil to draw a
continuous line just below (or above) your eyelashes.

Dramatic eyeliner is not for everyone but is for those who desire a 'bold' look and
want to draw attention to their magnificent eyes no matter what time of day it is.


A thin line along the top lash line brings out your eyes and
gives them natural definition.  Example: top only Lash

A thin line that thickens towards the outer corner can help
close-set eyes look wider apart.  Example: top only Dramatic

Eyeliner must not extend past your outer eye corner by more
than a hint.  Too much drama tends to overpower "you".
Example: top only Eyeliner.

Dark, thick lines under the eye weigh down your eyes. Try a
lighter, softer color. If you use brown on top, try taupe on
bottom.  Example: Eyeliner (top) Lash Enhancement (Bottom).

For some, it's best to play it conservative.  You can always
add to your permanent eyeliner on those special evening
occasions.  Example: top and bottom Lash Enhancement.

For some, the bolder the better!  A slightly thicker line that's
smudged gives a more dramatic look. But don't go too heavy
or let top and bottom lines meet at outer corner. This makes
eyes look smaller!  Example:  top and bottom Dramatic
Eyeliner (with "Smokey Effect")